Karen E. Goulekas

Karen served as Visual Effects Supervisor on many films, including LOOPER, THE GREEN LANTERN, 10,000 B.C., THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW, SPIDER-MAN" and GODZILLA.

Prior to that, she was Digital Effects Supervisor for THE FIFTH ELEMENT, APOLLO 13, T2-3D: BATTLE ACROSS TIME and STRANGE DAYS, as well as a digital artist for TITANIC, TRUE LIES and LAST ACTION HERO.

Karens career began in 1984 at a Providence, RI television station where she gained her first experience as a digital artist. From there, she spent the next few years freelancing at various facilities in Boston and New York before making the move to Los Angeles in 1993 to work on feature films.

Karen has earned two BAFTA Awards for Best Visual Effects for THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW and THE FIFTH ELEMENT", as well as two Emmy Awards for her work as Supervising Animator for the NBC Sports 1992 Barcelona Summer Olympics graphics package.

She is also the author of VISUAL EFFECTS IN A DIGITAL WORLD and a contributing writer for the VES HANDBOOK OF VISUAL EFFECTS.